Studio 1
Studio 1 with its impressive architecture and acoustics will be the heart of the festival. The stage will be featuring traditional and experimental Classical Music performances as well as the occasional intervention by electronic live acts and ballet dancers. It will be the space to celebrate the essence of the festival and get surprised and captivated by the music again and again.

Studio 2
Studio 2 will be the home for an eclectic selection of Live performances and DJs. And will feature a wide range of performances, analogue and digital, ranging from Live Bands to DJs and Experimental Classical Music.It will also be hosting Theater performances and Talks.
The Foyer will be home to the more relaxed electronic soundscapes, intervowen with classical music. Inviting to arrive and listen, it will be the ideal space to take a breath and continue exploring the festival or just get into the groove and stay to dance.

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